Thursday, March 28, 2013

A to Z

Going to attempt the A to Z blogging challenge for April....

Read more about it here.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Sprang Sprung

It has officially been spring for a whole 3 days now. Arizona is much nicer than the rest of the US this time of the year, so I was able to get a head start.

On March 6th I purchased a pack of beans.


Following directions, I let them soak in warm water overnight.


The following day I planted them.


Then I watered and waited... I thought maybe I had started too early, because I heard beans grow pretty quickly and I wasn't seeing anything. I kept on watering, with my fingers crossed. To my delight I saw signs of life on the 17th.

Now here we are, March 23rd and I have a total of 8 plants.


Some are doing really well...


While others are lagging behind, taking their time....


I hope they will continue to grow so I can show you some green beans in the future!  

What are you growing this year... and if you aren't growing anything what would you grow if you could??

Monday, March 11, 2013

Latest Stitches

Just a couple of things I've finished lately.... 

For my sister. Happy Birthday!
Tropical Punch!
For Dad.

Happy Hour!
For Stephanie.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Hail Yes!

I love weather. I posted a snow video just a few weeks ago, I was in the pool and laying out enjoying the 80 degree weather by the pool yesterday... and today it's 64 degrees and hailing!

Hail Yes!

Hail Yes!

Hail Yes!

It hailed like crazy for a couple of minutes and then got all sunny. A few hours later it all happened again ....and then again a few more hours later!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geocaching Swag

Podcaher posed a question on Facebook.... What is the best and worst swag you have found in a cache? For me, the worst... Firecrackers & a lighter. Now they were not in the same cache, but this is a  desert and it tends to be very dry and flammable!! I've also opened a cache with a small broken bubble container in it. What a slimy mess!

As for the best. I love coming across the woodcutter's wood cuts. Here are the one's I've found!




Now here is my question, what do you absolutely HATE finding in caches? For me it has to be business cards...even if they have your caching name and location on them. NO ONE WANTS them and they just end up trashin' up the cache. Also, they do NOT count as SWAG at ALL. If you want to say you were there so bad how about a token, or pathtag? save your money on the business cards.... cause I just take them home and throw them away :-P