Friday, May 24, 2013


So my garden net to keep the birds out hung a lizard.



Sad and gross.

But look at this thing's belly. So pretty!

Who knew

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco De Mayo

Hit Me Baby One More Time

I made this little pinata donkey dishtowel for a friend a few weeks ago. Cinco de Mayo also happens to be her son's birthday. I think this towel works well for Cinco de Mayo and birthdays... so hopefully she will be able to whip it out on a couple other days of the year! The towel has another holiday on the back, which I will show you later!

I was really tempted to write "Hit me baby, one more time" on it.... but it was an afterthought and there wasn't enough space at the bottom. :-(

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Garden Update

It's official, I've picked my first tomato. I just couldn't wait any longer!

May 4th

As for the beans, man... they grow so fast!

Itty Bitty Beans!
April 26th

April 30th
Magic Beans
May 4th
I'm not sure if the beans will make it into any kind of meal because I love them raw and I didn't plant a whole lot... but we will see...

Buds have appeared on the eggplant(pictured below) and the pepper plant(too small to get a picture of)

Egg plant.

Last weekend I added a sun shade over the plants. It was 95f/35c today and we were swimmin' in the pool!

Arizona sun is just a tad to harsh for these plants. They get straight sun only in the eventing, like pictured above, but the cover does allow enough sun to come though the rest of the day.