Sunday, August 11, 2013

Banana Bites

Have you seen that "Fried" Honey Banana recipe on Pinterest? I was in the mood for something sweet today and decided to give it a try...

Banana Bites

Banana Bites 

All Gone!

It was a very tasty treat! 

I used 1tsp of canola oil.. because coconut oil is not something I  keep on hand. I'm thinking apples and peaches would also be good this way. Can't wait to try them...

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hexagon Addict

I'm addicted to these English Paper Pieced (EPP) hexagons... I'm still working on my Summer Stitching Project, but while I wait for new patterns each week I've been working on something else....

 Halloween in Hexigons

I've dubbed this one the "Halloween Hexagon Project." I'm having fun with it so far. Sewing them together will be interesting but I still have some more hexagons to make first. This will be a small wall/door/cubical hanging, you can see the quarter on the left for a hexagon size comparison. They are a bit smaller than the Summer Stitching ones I'm also working on.

Are you working on any projects?