Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Seven Falls

I've been wearing a Fitbit for the last couple of months.... it is basically a high-tech pedometer. It calculates my steps, miles and calories burned (you can see more if you get a higher priced model).  It syncs to the Fitbit site when you are near your computer and various programs like MyFitnessPal.com. Pretty neat stuff. Helps me realize how LITTLE walking I do at work and motivates me to get up and take a lap every once and a while!

I usually average about 6-7,000 steps a day.... but on Sunday I had 28,000+ steps! Crazy!!

Why so many steps?

I hiked up to Seven Falls! Officially it is a 9 mile hike, however my Fitbit had me down for a total of 11.91 for the day. That total includes the whole day's activities though (running around the house getting ready, walking to/from various places). It was a fairly easy hike, but the distance was crazy. I have blisters on the bottoms of both feet to prove it!


The destination was worth it though. WATERFALLS!

I know my video sucks, so here are a few snap shots...


7 Falls

The pools were FREEZING, but there were a few brave people (kids) in the water. I couldn't resist sticking my feet it for a few minutes, bbrrrr.


Saw this road runner on the hike back.

I was with non-geocachers but I might have to tackle this one again if there are caches up there!


  1. Seven Falls is a huge hike, but it's fun to do. Looks like there was a little bit of water too. Which is awesome and makes the hike totally worth it.

  2. Oh, that looks wonderful! What a great place to hike. I'll have to go look up where that's at.

    1. It's at Sabino Canyon, but technically it is in Bear Canyon. Just NE of Tucson ;-) The website doesn't do it justice SabinoCanyon.com) I have another post about Sabino Here