Sunday, April 6, 2014


Remember this find from last week? It's been upgraded (read-on)!


First I pulled off the ugly pink vinyl fabric. Underneath it was more pink. This time a pink velour type fabric, which I am assuming to be the original. I also found some labels.


From what little I could find online. My piece is a reproduction piece from the mid 1950's. It hails from Michigan (like most of my family!).


I don't know what this label is from. Maybe the people who ordered it? Reupholstered it? Anyway, I'm guessing this chair was in Illinois at some point in it's life. I couldn't seem to find an information on the name.

I purchased my very first "power tool" and got to work. I didn't want to deal with taking the original fabric off and replacing the pad, since both were in great condition... and I wanted this to be a quick project. So I put my fabric over it. Luckily it was fabric I had in hand (remember this project?).



It is not perfect, but it works for now. The chair itself has some scratches and dings that I want to take care of later....


  1. Are you happy with the electric stapler? I love your re-do!

  2. That is just adorable. It turned out great.

    DJ Stewart & CO. may have been a furniture store where the chair was sold. All those old tags are fab. You could call the Historical Society of Rockford and ask them for info about the company.

    On a side note....I've been geocaching in Rockford. :-)

  3. I love these mid-century telephone tables. Great find!

  4. Oh my goodness it looks so cute with that fabric! Great job!