Sunday, June 8, 2014


I stumbled onto Kumihimo when looking for an easy friendship bracelet for kids to make.... Here I am a week later with a finished project of my own!

This necklace was done by "braiding" using a foam disk, some string and some beads. I looks kind of crazy but it was very easy to do, and braided up quickly.

Kumihimo in the works 

I got started with this tutorial (no beads), and then once I was comfortable I moved on to adding the beads with this tutorial. I purchase my disc online here. It was a nice set that came with bobbins and a weight. All you need to get is the string, beads, e6000, and end caps!

As for the pattern and bead placement:
    Stripes (red on top & bottom, white on the sides)
    Stars (All blue except white top right and bottom left)


  1. That turned out great. Reminds me of the stuff we used to make in the 60's. :-)