Saturday, January 24, 2015


I have been participating in many Fitbit Challenges lately (add me here if you'd like!) So I took a hike a few weeks ago to get in some steps... Much to my surprise, I came across some snow. It had rained a few days before, and if it is cold enough that rain is snow in the mountains. It doesn't happen too often in the mountains on our side of town, so I wasn't expecting it. Of course it was a VERY small amount of snow, but very exciting to me!


A little ice sitting in a prickly pear.


A little snow visible on Wasson Peak.


Amazing views all around!

 Sweetwater Trail

Sweetwater Trail
I stared on my hike early in the morning and I hadn't seen ANYONE on the trail. I was going to shoot for the peak. But being alone and not seeing any other hikers around, I decided to turn back..... and I saw several groups on the way back... wish I would have kept going. NEXT TIME!


  1. cool shots...i like the one with all the cacti...and the peaks in the background. OH and the ice on the prickly pear!

  2. Great photos. And as for cutting short the hike, better safe, than sorry.